ZYCO Code of Conduct

ZYCO follows all the legal requirements in China as well as international standards drawn by ILO and UNICEF. This includes:

Child labor
No child labor is accepted. Our policy is based on the UN Convention on The Rights of the Child, article 32.1.

Wages shall be promptly and directly paid to the employee. They should exceed the legal minimum.

Working hours
Working hours shall not exceed the legal maximum according to Chinese law. National legislation regarding paid leave and vacation shall be observed. Overtime is voluntary and overtime shall be paid at a premium rate. All employees should have at least 24 hours of consecutive rest per week.

Health and safety
The working environment shall be safe and sound. Workplaces, machinery and equipment must be safe and without risk when appropriate measures of protection are taken. Free protective clothing and protective equipment shall be provided to employees when needed. Employees shall have appropriate training in occupational safety and health, as well as measures to deal with emergencies and accidents. Workers and their organizations shall be consulted on aspects of occupational safety and health. If housing facilities are provided for the employees, it should ensure reasonable privacy, quietness and personal hygiene.

Forced labor
Forced or compulsory labor whatsoever is not allowed. Any work that has not been offered voluntarily by the said person is forbidden.

No disciplinary punishments are allowed under any circumstances.

Right to organize and collective bargaining
Employees are free to independently exercise the right to organize and join worker's organizations. Negotiations regarding terms and conditions of employment by workers generally accepted worker's organizations shall also be allowed as well as collective bargaining.

Workers have equal access to employment, equal terms and conditions and equal remuneration for work of equal value. The suppliers shall respect the equality of opportunity and treatment in employment without any discrimination, distinction, exclusion or preference based upon sex, age, race, colour, religion, nationality, political opinion or social origin.

Security of employment
Long-term employment based on written contracts shall be used as much as possible. Notice period for employee's termination of employment contracts shall be at least same as the notice period for the supplier.

Social security
The employer shall guarantee that all employees are covered by (if available) appropriate insurance providing adequate protection and benefits with regard to invalidity, injury and pension. Employees who are injured at work shall be compensated for loss of income.

Environmental statements and actions

ZYCO is well aware of the challenges of our planet and therefore continuously:
- strive towards reducing waste and emissions to air, ground and water,
- assure that all handling, storage and disposal of hazardous waste is made in an environmental safe manner,
- contribute to the recycling of materials and used products,
- encourage customers to accept using as much recycled material as possible in production and packing.