OEM Manufacturing

ZYCO is dedicated to OEM manufacturing and has over the years built up our own group of manufacturing factories specializing mainly in machining, punching, casting, plastic injection, fabrications and textile.

With given product specifications or samples, ZYCO will revert with a prompt offer. We are also pleased to propose changes in the products to further reduce the production cost without changing its function. Once the project is initiated, ZYCO manages all aspects of the project. An all-round quality control system will be implemented to assure all the steps from raw material to final supply are in line with customer’s requirements. ZYCO also establishes production schedules for all projects and follows up continually to make sure the confirmed delivery time is achieved.

Many clients need multiple manufacturers to produce the products they require. Some even set up offices in China which incurs staffing requirement and high expenditure. ZYCO provides you with a single point of contact for your multiple projects. With consolidation of multiple types of goods, ZYCO gives our clients the peace of mind of dealing with a company who understands the quality and communication standards they want whilst retaining a cost effective solution. And low volume can be also provided with this combination while ordinary Chinese suppliers require big volume before they can accept the order.

Product Development and Engineering

Traditionally OEM manufacturing has primarily meant the production of existing components or products. ZYCO offers auxiliary product development and engineering services as well.

Drawings and Technical Specification - If the customer doesn’t have any drawings of the products they want to manufacture, ZYCO can issue drawings and technical specification of these. This includes material analysis as well as definition of production and test methods. Our extensive software packages include SolidWorks, Pro/E, AutoCAD etc. and the documentation could be produced in both English and Chinese. Of course, any patent or IPR has to be respected.

Fast Prototyping - If the customer has a rough idea of a design or just simple drawings, ZYCO can provide rapid prototyping service, which helps speeding up supply and reducing product modification cost. The prototyping cost is also a lot cheaper in China.

Packing and Logistics

To assure the lowest landed cost possible for customer, ZYCO always strives to pack all products in the most efficient and environmentally friendly way. Following customer’s specifications on the packing, ZYCO will propose changes when appropriate to make it seaworthy or airworthy. We could help adding on customer’s logistics labels on each logistical unit to facilitate customer’s management of supply and keep the traceability of goods.

With the total amount of goods shipped worldwide, ZYCO can offer very attractive shipping rates through our shipping partners for shipments per sea, air and courier. In addition, ZYCO can provide warehousing and consignment stock solutions to our clients once the relationship is well-established.

Financial Support

General payment terms from Chinese suppliers are 50% deposit on order and the balance before shipment. These are the terms ZYCO offers for initial shipments. After a successful start to the business, ZYCO is willing to offer more favorable terms to our clients.